Hotel Eden Paris reveals its true nature

Hotel Eden Paris: the story of a paradisiacal garden....but not the one you think!


It's a garden of a thousand shapes, an urban Eden which will not fail to surprise you or thrill you; just you wait and see!


It's a vertical garden, a tropical garden, a fruit garden, a Zen garden....


It's also a forest, a palm grove, a rose garden, a bamboo plantation, all at once! A place that is inspired not only by nature, but pays homage to it in the most beautiful of ways. 

Hotel Eden Paris' gardens




Choose a pretty natural space, add a dose of calm, sprinkle it with light and experience it as you wish:


  • By admiring the bold foam wall in the hotel entrance, which makes you think of a life-sized home.


  • By sitting in the flowery, verdant garden for breakfast, a chat, to read a book or enjoy a drink


  • By following the leafy path which leads to your room...




Hotel Eden Paris' rooms




Palm tree, Apple tree, Bark, Flower....In our wonderfully evocatively named rooms, we're still very much focused on nature:


  • In our choice of colors which range from pomegranate red to sunny yellow to slate grey


  • Through to our staging and light that in turn evoke the seaside, a tropical forest, a poppy field....


  • With the use of natural materials for our objects, lamps and textiles...



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