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Savour some unusual ice creams in Paris

Savour some unusual ice creams in Paris

Categories : Flavours & Gastronomy, published on : 7/9/18

With the return of the beautiful summer days, the urge will come upon you to cool down and refresh yourself with an artisanal ice cream. But have you thought about trying some completely different, off the wall flavours? The Hotel Eden Paris recommends the following unusual glaciers and their new and delicious delicacies.


Le Bac à Glaces; you’ll be spoiled for choice

This very creative glacier offers a menu that contains no less than 60 flavours to satisfy absolutely every taste. From classic ice creams to alcoholic sorbets with brandy or pear, you’re certain to find something to delight.


La Tropicale; the East in the spotlight

If you like the flavours of the East, it's time to sample them in the form of ice cream. You can do so at La Tropicale, a glacier unlike any other. Here, you will discover surprising associations such as a saffron and ginger sorbet or one that is piquant with Espelette pepper and yuzu. An exotic treat!


Spaghettina; the return of the 80s

The younger ones will not remember this fashion of yesteryear, but Spaghettina brings this 80s trend back into fashion for today’s glace lover; spaghetti-shaped ice cream. It’s such fun and so visually interesting, you’ll surely be unable to resist spaghetti ice cream with mirabelle plum and mandarin!


Glaces Glazed; ice cream for adults only

If you’d like to try a more adult ice cream flavour, head to Glaces Glazed, where you can enjoy basil vodka ice balls and orange and lemon whiskey. A frozen opportunity to try new taste experiences, to be consumed in moderation, of course!



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Le Bac à Glaces
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