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Enjoy a divine cocktail in one of the unique bars of Paris

Enjoy a divine cocktail in one of the unique bars of Paris

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 7/9/16

A trip to Paris would not be the same without treating your palate to the divine taste of an expertly mixed cocktail. And preferably in a bar with an atmosphere so special and original that all of your 5 senses will be subtly awakened. Paris is blessed by a wealth of unique bars where the flavours and the ambience combine to create a heady experience. But which to choose? Well, the Eden Hotel can help; simply check out our recommendations. We have taken great care to select a wide range of bars catering to various tastes. Read on and prepare to quench your thirst.

Savour a deliciously refreshing cocktail in the summer heat

Here are the Eden Hotel’s tips for extraordinary bars offering unique cocktails that will send your taste buds into ecstatic orbit!

If you like an atmosphere that is both relaxing and has a certain cool reminiscent of New York in the 60s, with subtle lighting, exposed brickwork and an in-crowd vibe, check out the Little Red Door.

The ambiance of Candelaria, meanwhile, is distinctly Mexico, bringing together tradition and modernity amidst candle-lit stone walls. Many of the ingredients used in the cocktails are prepared in-house; always a good sign.

The contemporary atmosphere of Le Lab and its highly refined decor is just as attractive as its eclectic range of cocktails and, as the name suggests, there is quite a bit of experimentation going on.

Le Lavomatic has something of a speakeasy feel, being tucked away above and behind an old laundry, of all places! Unlike 1930s New York drinking dens, however, this is bold and bright, continuing the laundry theme in innovative ways.

For a taste of India, Le Baranaan, quietly nestled behind a café, is decked out like a train. The trompe l'oeil décor even suggests passing scenery. Here you can find fabulous India-influenced cocktails with incomparable flavours.

Our featured recipe, for you and your friends to enjoy!

The islands revisited with a touch of Parisian chic with the Freeze Mai Tai
Characteristics: tanginess, strength and freshness

• 1.5 cl of Cuban rum
• 1.5 cl of dark rum
• 1.5 cl of Cointreau
• 1.5 cl of lime (or two tablespoons of lemon juice)
• 1.5 cl of almond syrup and a few mint leaves
• 6 cl of orange juice

Fill a shaker with crushed or shaved ice. Pour in the ingredients one by one, holding back the almond syrup and mint leaves. Shake vigorously and serve quickly. Crush the mint leaves between your fingers and float on top. Finally, pour the almond syrup so that the liquid glides to the bottom of the container. Stir and enjoy.

You can also find a selection of exceptional cocktails on the Villa Schweppes website.


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