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This summer, Paris unveils its most beautiful parks and gardens.

This summer, Paris unveils its most beautiful parks and gardens.

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 7/9/17

In the middle of the 15th arrondissement, alongside the quiet promenade close to which barges ply the Seine, and sheltered from the hustle and bustle surrounding the Eiffel Tower, the André Citroën Park enjoys a unique location in Paris. Covering more than 10 hectares, the gardens, hothouses and lawns of this accessible yet tranquil park make it a delight for all visitors during their stay in the hotel Eden.


An exotic garden where a car factory once stood



It was on the former site of the old Citroën factory that the Parc André Citroën was born in 1992, making it one of the newest public parks in the French capital. Envisioned by its designers to be different from the classic Parisian park, the André Citroën has a clearly futuristic aspect and so maintains a continuity with the spirit of the automobile manufacturer who preceded it on this location by the side of the Seine.
The park is divided into 3 large spaces (the White Garden, the Black Garden and the large central area) which are linked by long tree-lined paths. Indeed, one of the main attractions of the park is the many trees and exotic plants that enclose the walks, allowing the visitor to lose touch with the urban surroundings and embrace the wonders of nature. The two impressive hothouses add to the feeling of tranquillity, as does the presence of the Seine as it flows serenely along the edge of the park.


Unusual activities in the heart of Paris



But the park has yet more surprises for the visitor. Children are happy to discover games that are perfectly blended into their environment, such as table tennis and slides, but the most popular attraction for children and adults alike is, without doubt, the Ballon Generali.
This tethered helium balloon is designed to be a station for measuring the quality of the Parisian air and has pictograms that change colour in accordance with the quality of the ambient air. However, the balloon also has a carriage suspended beneath it in which visitors can be carried 150 metres into the Parisian sky and thus benefit from a unique and spectacular perspective on Paris! Once visitors are on board, the balloon is allowed to rise as its steel cable is fed out by a hydroelectric winch. Once the stationary altitude has been reached, the duration of the measurements allows a quarter of an hour to admire the most beautiful city in the world from above, to try to locate its most emblematic monuments (the Eiffel Tower is instantly recognisable) and savour the moment.
The peace and tranquillity of the park ensures a return to earth in the gentlest of ways.


Credit to Guilhem Vellut

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