Places to cool off this summer in Paris

In summer, Paris can become quite warm but there are many ways to cope with the heat. You’ll find pretty, shaded terraces on which to enjoy a coffee, of course, but there are other ways to cool off, too. The Hotel Eden has some suggestions for fresh air, relaxation and beautiful walks while staying out of the sun.

Enjoy a divine cocktail in one of the unique bars of Paris

A trip to Paris would not be the same without treating your palate to the divine taste of an expertly mixed cocktail. And preferably in a bar with an atmosphere so special and original that all of your 5 senses will be subtly awakened.

A sunny picnic in the Parc Montsouris

Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, between the Rue d'Alesia and the Cité Universitaire, the Parc Montsouris is one of the largest green spaces in the capital. Here, now that the warm and sunny days have returned, you can enjoy a delightful walk and a relaxing picnic amidst beautiful surroundings. It will be one of the high points of your stay.