Paris Plages 2014, The appeal of the banks of the Seine

Paris Plages 2014 offer an amazing opportunity. Are you deciding whether you would prefer a beach holiday this year, or a visit to Paris, one of the most thrilling cities on Earth? Well, you can enjoy both at the same time, courtesy of Paris Plages!

Entertainment in Paris is always Exceptional

Entertainment in Paris is always plentiful and the summer time is perfect to enjoy all that this beautiful city has on offer. The sales commence on the 25 June and the Montparnasse district and the Beaugrenelle shopping centre are great places to start.

Summer Sales in Paris and Incredible Discounts

Summer Sales in Paris always present the perfect reason to travel to the city. The sales begin on the 25 of June and during this time, you'll be able to snap up some great bargains and receive incredible discounts, on top quality brands and designer wear.