Paris River Banks : exquisite promenades and quays

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Paris river banks have always been the ideal place for a stroll to soak up the atmosphere of this greatest of cities. This pastime is now more pleasant than ever before thanks to the tasteful redevelopment which the banks of The Seine have undergone recently. Several months ago the Right Bank work was completed, and now the Left Bank, too, has been magnificently revitalised. The Hotel Eden boasts a fine location south of the river, providing easy access to picturesque walks along the Seine.

Paris river banks are the heart of the city

The Seine curves gracefully through Paris, dividing the city into the Left Bank and Right Bank, areas which are a state of mind as much as a geographical distinction. Mention of the Left Bank calls to mind the Paris of an earlier era, of bohemians, writers, artists, students, intellectuals, café society and jazz. The Seine is the major artery of Paris and deserves to be displayed at its best. This is what the recent developments along the sides of the river have accomplished.

On the 19th June, Bertrand Delanoe, the Mayor of Paris, inaugurated the new 'promenade des Berges de Seine' on the Left Bank. More than 2.3 kilometres of quays and promenades have been built between the Pont Royal and Pont de l'Alma bridges. These 45 hectares embrace gardens, sports facilities, relaxation and recreation spaces and pedestrianised areas. A wonderful place to relax and walk which still retains a traditional feel.

Take a walk along the river, wander the old streets, and soak up the atmosphere, for the ambience of the past still clings like a ghost to the art galleries, boutiques and cafes of today. This is the Paris we dream about.

Hotel Eden invites you to stroll the Paris river banks

The stylishly designed Hotel Eden takes its inspiration from nature. Our décor reflects the colours and textures found in nature. Here nature meets the city, as it does along the banks of the Seine.


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