Ramona Russu and José Pinon exhibition at the Hotel Eden

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From February 6th to March 31st, 2020, the Hotel Eden Paris invites you to discover the works of two original artists whose talent is coming to full fruition: Ramona Russu and José Pinon.


Ramona Russu and José Pinon; two unusual journeys

Born in Romania, Ramona Russu is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels. Passionate about drawing since childhood, she became an artist after a detour into the world of fashion. A globetrotter at heart, Ramona Russo has worked in Dubai, Paris and Corsica. Now living in the South of France, she tells us an intriguing personal story through the girl with black hair, a dominant figure in her work that she uses as a metaphor for women in contemporary society.

José Pinon was a plumber-electrician who spent many years working in Paris before becoming an artist. It was after leaving the capital to settle in his native Loiret that he devoted himself full time to his twin passions for sculpture and painting. Under his fingers are born intriguing creatures, human or animal, as well as trees and boats.


Two unique artistic universes

An artist in tune with her time, Ramona Russu is constantly looking for new means of expression. Working at the crossroads of digital art and classic techniques, she combines computer collage with acrylic paint, watercolour and ink.

As for José Pinon, he puts the trades in which he was trained at the service of his art. His creations reveal the astonishing potential of raw materials such as zinc, plaster and wood rather than marble and bronze. This choice of materials is reminiscent of the Italian artistic movement called Arte povera.



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