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If you are looking for a restaurant in Paris that has an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, we can recommend one place in particular of which we at the Hotel Eden are very fond. It’s cosy, romantic, friendly and the food is absolutely superb. This fine establishment is the Je Thé... Me and is only a five minute walk from our location, making it very convenient place to spend an evening while staying at the Hotel Eden.


Je Thé... Me; A cosy, welcoming, family owned Bistro

A local bistro with plenty of character and a no-nonsense, traditional approach to excellent cuisine, the Je Thé...Me has acquired a superlative reputation. It’s family owned, as you can tell as soon as you walk in the door to be warmly welcomed. There’s that mellow ambience and charming homeliness that is only found in restaurants in which all the staff really care. You will be treated to a truly personal service and may even find yourself chatting over a bottle of wine with the owner or the head chef, such is the relaxed atmosphere.

Je Thé...Me is located in what was once a small grocery shop and great care has been taken so that the place retains its turn-of-the-century charm. There’s floor tiles and wood panelling, shelves bearing wine bottles, teapots and other delightful artefacts. The cuisine is mostly traditional and revisits the great French classics. The menu is constantly evolving, changing with the turning of the year to reflect the best of the season. The restaurant also offers special events such as the upcoming tasting of foie gras served with a selection of fine wines taking place on December 15th .


Je Thé... me, restaurant
4 Rue d'Alleray, Paris 15e
Tel. 0033 (0)1 48 42 48 30
Metro : Vaugirard, line 12


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