Secret Paris; the Petite Ceinture

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You love Paris, but want to push the envelope when it comes to exploring the city? If so, a stroll along the Petite Ceinture (Little Belt) is definitely the excursion for you! Discover this haven of ​​wild nature in the heart of the capital and get ready to see a fascinating aspect of secret Paris.


An old railway line in Paris

The railway project that created the Petite Ceinture was initiated in the second half of the 19th century as a means of moving goods around the city quickly and efficiently, and to serve the needs of the army. The rise of other forms of transport meant that the Petite Ceinture became obsolete and stopped receiving trains in 1993. Since then it has returned to nature, forming a verdant ring within the borders of the capital.


A 100% nature walk in the city

Without commercial activity for more than thirty years, the Petite Ceinture has been reclaimed naturally by various fauna and flora. Some sections have been transformed into a nature trail, particularly in the 16th arrondissement, on the Left Bank. Here you can wander freely and see what happens to such a landscape when nature reasserts herself. In addition, in certain districts such as the 14th arrondissement the Petite Ceinture boasts shared community gardens. A band of verdant history and mystery set right in the urban space, the Petite Ceinture offers a unique and exciting route for your walks in Paris.


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