The Foire de Paris, the essential spring trade fair event

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From April 27th to May 8th, head to the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre for the Foire de Paris (Paris Fair)! Book your room at the Hotel Eden now to enjoy this highly anticipated trade fair event. Discover the latest trends and innovations in everything from home appliances to wine and gastronomy.

A huge commercial event

Are you looking for a way to renovate your home, are you hooked on the latest technology or do you just want a fascinating and entertaining trade fair experience? If so, Europe’s largest general-purpose trade fair is for you! No fewer than 200,000 m2 of exhibition space and 3,500 exhibitors from France and elsewhere await you at the 115th edition of the Foire de Paris. The programme is based around three major themes; Home and Lifestyle (renovation, new materials, interior design, the garden, etc.), Wellness and Beauty (fashion, lifestyle, hobbies, crafts, multimedia, etc.) and World Arts, Crafts and Culture (crafts, gastronomy, tourism, music, etc.). The Foire de Paris takes a fresh look at the art of living by inviting you to consume better instead of consuming more. It offers creativity and innovation, smart products and durable solutions.

Contests and prizes for creation and invention

The latest innovations in the home appliance and smart home sectors compete to be judged the best in terms of technicality, comfort and design and the winners are rewarded with the Grand Prix de l'Innovation.

Since 1901, the Concours Lépine has been a must-attend event eagerly awaited by inventors and innovators who come to study the market and find a manufacturer or distributor interested in their inventions. To this famous competition we owe the discovery of inventions such as the ballpoint pen, the iron, the artificial heart and, more recently the Heliodome (a latest generation solar house), the Boxway (a collapsible mobility scooter that fits in a suitcase) or the FlyCar (an actual flying car).



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