Valentine's Day in Paris; the top 3 romantic places to visit

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Known throughout the world as the City of Love, Paris is full of famous sites, discrete street corners and unusual settings conducive to romance. When you stay at the Hotel Eden, ideally located in the midst of the French capital, you’ll find it easy to reach the locations that will bestow upon your lovers' holiday all the magic it deserves. Here’s just a small selection of the most romantic places in Paris.


The Wall of Love

Walls are usually meant to demarcate and separate. But in Paris, we managed to find a way to subvert this idea and the result is the Wall of Love. Its tiles of enamelled lava present more than 300 declarations of love written in 250 different languages. From “Je t'aime” and “I love you” to “Ti amo”, you’ll be spoiled for choice for ways to tell your special one how you feel!


The hill of Montmartre 

From the picturesque loveliness of its streets and the singular architecture of its buildings the hill of Montmartre draws its considerable romantic charm. Wander winding streets with a thousand little places where you can surprise each other with a kiss, enjoy intimate meals in colourful restaurants and cafes and share many wonderful sights together.


The Square du Vert Galant 

Given its history, this place could not fail to be romantic! The Square du Vert Galant was built in tribute to King Henri IV's mistresses. But the origins of this green space occupying the western tip of the Île de la Cité, an island in the Seine, are just part of its charm. Beautiful and verdant, this park offers magnificent views of the river and is the ideal spot for cuddling up on a bench in the heart of the world’s most romantic city.



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